#RockFels Festival 21nd to 23th June 2018 at Loreley

Ticket-Hotline +49 69 407 662 580

Monday through Friday:

8:30 am - 7:30 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm

Sunday:   10:00 am - 03:00 pm


With the first RockFels festival in August 2015 a new era has dawned at the Loreley open-air theatre. And with its new edition in 2016 the festival of short distances meets the spirit of the time of all rock and metal fans.


For 40 years the Loreley has been an important location for concerts within the international music scenery at all. The theater with its exclusive and outstanding tours and grandiose festivals assures everybody. Even the utterly sound gourmet! The open air theater with its superb sound has found its way into the top ranking stages in Europe.


Also rock and heavy metal fans have made great live experiences with the legendary “WDR Rockpalast” concerts, with the “golden summer night” festivals or with the “metal hammer” festival in 1985.


With the RockFels festival 2015 the Loreley became a new home for all fans of the traditional hard rock and heavy metal.


The well-versed and qualified event management can guarantee all visitors of the RockFels festival an extraordinary experience on both days of the event and to feel like on a relaxed holiday trip to the unique UNESCO world cultural heritage Rhine valley.


Ulrich Lautenschläger, venue manager and festival organizer, about the idea of the RockFels festival: “Since 2010 metal and hard rock are fix offers of the Loreley events. But from 2015 on the RockFels festival will take place every year and will make the Loreley in the truest sense of the German word a “RockFels” what means a rocking rock. With the support of the fans and the bands we will make this festival consistently a highlight for rock and metal in the German festival scene."