#Campground regulations RockFels Festival


Binding guidelines for use of the campground


Event: RockFels festival June 21st to 23rd 2018


1. The camping area is a designated area for festival visitors with a valid festival ticket and an additional camping ticket respective a festival strap (“wristband”). It is not permitted to enter and to use the campground without the premise mentioned above. Fees for undesigned acquired tickets in advance are not refundable.


2. For minors a written consent form of the parent or guardian must be presented.


3. The entire Loreley plateau and thus the campground belong to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and are located in a conservation area.


4. It is not possible to arrive earlier than Wednesday, June 20th 2018 at 16:00 h. Tents must be stroken and departure must be completed not later than Sunday, June 24th 2018 at 12:00 h.


5. To camp is only and expressly permitted on the areas designated as campground area. On Arrival each campground user is assigned an appropriate area on the campground. Instructions of the supervisors are to be followed. Tents are to be set up that interference and annoyances are. The access to the sanitary facilities must be possible at any time.


6. Due to regulatory reason it is not permitted to set up pavilion tents and party tents.


It’s not about the size of these tents, but the wind load. Pavilion and party tents have a too large attack surface for the wind – the wind blows under these tents and tears them from their anchorage. Despite 70 cm long soil nails last year a wind gust has torn a 5 by 5 meter pavilion so that it is flown over the entire festival area.


In particular, inexpensive party tents are very susceptible to wind. Hurtling rails and sleepers are very dangerous and therefore for safety reasons, the setup of pavilion and party tents is banned by the authorities.


7. Campground, access routes and the directly vicinity are to be kept clean and tidy with respect to other users.


8. Naked flames/campfires are not permitted! It is not allowed to barbecue with charcoal on the entire campsite. Gas barbecue is allowed, however they must have been tested.


9. It is forbidden to bring power or other generators, pyrotechnical items, animals, pets, weapon of all kinds, solid furniture or dry ice.


10. No dogs on the campground!


11. No custody order is contracted with the organizer. Use of the campsite at your own risk! The camping fee is just a fee for the location where the tent can be set up.


12. The organizer is not liable for damages caused by visitors or third parties.


13. Garbage fee 

The entire Loreley plateau is a landscape conservation area that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Over the next years tens of millions of Euro will be invested into this extraordinary location to preserve nature and landscape and to make this legendary rock even more impressive.


We also strive to preserve the beauty of the terrain, but we are dependent on the help and support of festival visitors. The natural terrain can only be kept clean with high personnel expenditure. On long term the use of machines would destroy the terrain structure.


Therefore we charge 5.00 € from each camper. On arrival each camper receives a garbage bag and a charge tag. You can hand over the well filled garbage bag on Sunday from 08:00 to 12:00 h at the designated collection points. Additional festival waste can be delivered to the collecting points at any time. We can insure that your garbage will be taken to the landfill and we care for a final professional disposal.


Especially hard-working garbage collectors will receive a merchandise surprize!


Be sure we do everything we can to preserve nature in this exceptional location. We are grateful for your support.


14. The campground has to be left in its original state when leaving. Damage shall be removed by the tenant or at his expense. If the tenant does not comply with this obligation, the organizer can remedy the damage himself or be third parties at the expense of the user.


15. The right to trade in foodstuffs, drinks and non food items on the campground is exclusively reserved to the organizers. The trade in goods (including food and beverages) of any kind is strictly prohibited on the campground. It is permitted to carry food and beverages for own consumption without quantity restriction on the campground. The carrying of glassware is not permitted.


16. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking in public have to be in accordance with the rules and restrictions of the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG).


17. Illegal drugs (carrying and consumption) are strictly forbidden on the entire campsite!


18. Instructions given by the security personnel, stewards and / or employees of the organizer  have to be followed strictly. He who ignores to follow instructions given by the aforementioned persons and/or breaches the campground regulations will be sent off the campsite. When sent off the campsite the camping fees will not be refunded. Also the reimbursement or assert of any other costs are excluded.


19. Night’s sleep is observed from 03:00 until 07:30 h 

 By entering and/or use of the campsite these campground regulations are acknowledged as mandatory.


Loreley/St. Goarshausen in December 2016


Errors and alterations excepted.