FAQ´s RockFels Festival

1. Approach by car direction from Cologne/Bonn

     - follow motorway A61

    - at motorway interchange Koblenz-Nord (A61/A48) follow motorway A48

       in direction Frankfurt/Montabaur

    - at excit 10, just after having crossed the river Rhine, turn to B42 towards

      Niederlahnstein/Bad Ems, follow B42 to St. Goarshausen and follow

      signs “Loreley Freilichtbühne”



2. Approach by car from Rhine-Main-area

    - use B42 and follow B42 to Kaub, then turn towards Bornich and

    follow the signs Loreley up to the Loreley Freilichtbühne.

   - if you use a gps navigation system or a route planner you can enter

     “Loreley” as place of interest in 56346 Sankt Goarshausen.



3. Approach by local public transport

    - nearest station is Sankt Goarshausen

   - preferably take a bus to the Loreley (Loreley junction to Bornich)

   - for further information please see




4. Box office/day’s takings

     - you’ll find a box office just beside the main entrance.

    - the day’s takings opens on Thursday through Saturday at 10:00 h.

      You can only pay cash.

     - note: there is a cash point a.t.m in Sankt Goarshausen, Rheinstraße 2. 

     - A cash point at the Loreley site will come.


5. Camping

     Is it allowed to park on the camping site?

    - the parking lot is on the opposite side of the camping site to avoid long distances.

   - in case of need you can find parking by day on a special parking lot

     (please follow the guidance system)


    When does the camping ticket apply?


   - The camping ticket applies from Wednesday, June 20th, 16:00 h.

     Early arriving visitors can pitch their tents and may explore

     the site.

   - Latest departure after the festival: Sunday, June 24th until 12:00 h.

   - To camp is only allowed on the allocated spaces. Unauthorized

      camping is strictly forbidden! Camping tickets will be verified.



6. What about caravans/mobile homes?

    - caravans/mobile homes are welcome on a special campsite

    with appropriate  ticket.

    - There is no power supply.



7. Is it allowed to take food and beverages on the campsite?

   - Visitors may take food and beverages as self catering to the camping

     site. Please don’t bring in glassware!

   - Gas cookers/camping stoves should be checked before leaving home.

     Be absolutely careful when using. Defective equipment does not

     endanger yourself but also other festival visitors.

   - Gas cooker/camping oven may only be operated out-of-doors. It is

      strictly forbidden to use a gas cooker/camping stove in a tent.

   - Naked flame is prohibited on the camping and on the festival sites.


8. What about sanitary facilities on the camping site?

     - Sanitary facilities like shower and toilettes are available

      on the camping site. Improved and extended facilities are projected.


9. When and how long is the ferry operated?

     - The ferry between Sankt Goarshausen and Sankt Goar is operated

      every day until the end of the particular event, that means from

      Thursday, June 15th through Saturday, June 17th until 0:30 h. The last tours

      are reserved for passenger traffic – no cars will be transported.


10. Is it allowed to take food and beverages to the festival site?

       - It is not allowed to take food to festival site!

      - Non alcoholic beverages up to 0.5 liter a day can be taken to the

        festival site in an original closed TETRA-PAK container.

      - Beverages in glass containers or cans are prohibited, they will

        be repelled at the entrance.


11. What about waste disposal?

The entire Loreley plateau is a landscape conservation area that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Over the next years tens of millions of Euro will be invested into this extraordinary location to preserve nature and landscape and to make this legendary rock even more impressive.


We also strive to preserve the beauty of the terrain, but we are dependent on the help and support of festival visitors. The natural terrain can only be kept clean with high personnel expenditure. On long term the use of machines would destroy the terrain structure.


Therefore we charge 5.00 € from each camper. On arrival each camper receives a garbage bag and a charge tag. You can hand over the well filled garbage bag on Sunday from 08:00 to 12:00 h at the designated collection points. Additional festival waste can be delivered to the collecting points at any time. We can insure that your garbage will be taken to the landfill and we care for a final professional disposal.


Especially hard-working garbage collectors will receive a merchandise surprize!


Be sure we do everything we can to preserve nature in this exceptional location. We are grateful for your support.



12. When will the festival site be opened?

Access to the e vents  is on Thursday, June 15th at approx. 15:00 h, on Friday and Saturday  at approx. 12:00 h.



13. What about car parking?

The parking fee is 5 Euro a day. Reduced Festival Parking Tickets are available in advance. The parking lots are signposted in time. Please obey the instructions of the car parking attendants because they have an overview of the disposability of parking spaces.

Briefly: obey the instructions and park your car.



14. How can wheelchair user get to the festival site?

Wheelchair user park their car on a designated parking lot. Please show your

handicapped ID and your ticket. Wheelchair user and their escorts contact the day’s taking/information office at the main entrance (please follow the sign). A security attendant will give you admission to get to the stage on a smooth way.


The area for wheelchair users is close to the stage, you have a well view which is no way restricted. Please follow the security Attentats orders.



15. Illegal subjects

It is prohibited to carry any kinds of arms like firearms, cut and thrust weapon,

projectiles, pyrotechnical articles like firecrackers and sparklers on the camping and festival sites. Violations will inflict an exclusion from the event and a revocation of the festival ticket.



16. Taking photographs

Taking photographs with a standard digital camera is allowed for private use only. Photographing for duplicating purposes is prohibited.


17. Lodging

Hotels and guesthouses please see: Loreley Touristik