Garbage fee


The entire Loreley plateau is a landscape conservation area that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Over the next years tens of millions of Euro will be invested into this extraordinary location to preserve nature and landscape and to make this legendary rock even more impressive.


We also strive to preserve the beauty of the terrain, but we are dependent on the help and support of festival visitors. The natural terrain can only be kept clean with high personnel expenditure. On long term the use of machines would destroy the terrain structure.


Therefore we charge 5.00 € from each camper. On arrival each camper receives a garbage bag and a charge tag. You can hand over the well filled garbage bag on Sunday from 08:00 to 12:00 h at the designated collection points. Additional festival waste can be delivered to the collecting points at any time. We can insure that your garbage will be taken to the landfill and we care for a final professional disposal.


Especially hard-working garbage collectors will receive a merchandise surprize!


Be sure we do everything we can to preserve nature in this exceptional location. We are grateful for your support.