Loreley (Lorelei) the RockFels

Loreley – the RockFels (engl. RockRock)


For about 2,000 years, the Rhine Valley is one of the major traffic routes of Europe.

On this natural route between the Mediterranean and the north goods were exchanged, culture was carried on.


Already in the Middle Ages the Loreley was a well known place on the right bank of the Rhine. The distinctive rock was a special way mark for the boats on the river.


The upper middle Rhine valley has spawned a unique cultural landscape that UNESCO has included in the list of World Cultural Heritage of 2002. Along the Rhine, there are numerous romantic and enchanting places and fabled castles and manor houses, worth to visit because this mystic landscapes has generated countless legends. Approximately 20 million tourists

are attracted annually by this fantastic cultural landscape. Hundreds of thousands of these have also visited the Loreley Rock in the last 30 years.


For the myth “Loreley” has also caught the Loreley amphitheatre. Harmoniously integrated into the landscape, it is the ideal platform for events of all kinds – from theatre to opera

and ballet presentations to jazz, rock and folk performances.


For more than 40 years the Loreley has shown to be the outstanding concert venue for the top acts of international music – if exclusive and protruding tours or grand festivals this stage has convinced everyone, even the most exquisite gourmet of perfect sound. Thus, the outdoor theatre has gained a leading position among the stages with the best sound in Europe.


Even rock and metal fans came again and again to enjoy great live experiences like the legendary “WDR Rockpalast” concerts or the “Golden Summer Night” festivals or the “Metal Hammer” Festival in 1985.


The World Heritage Site is therefore a challenge for the future of this unique open-air stage.




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