Shower and Lavatory Flat

During the entire festival toilets, showers and sinks are available in a sufficient number during the entire festival area – see Festival map

There are both flushed and mobile toilets.


The entire sanitary facilities will be frequently cleaned by a professional cleaning team.

During the RockFels festival you can buy a so called "Shower and Lavatory Flat",

available for 11 €. An additional “wristband” identifies the owner of a flat rate.

You can take a shower as often as you want, and you can use the toilet as often as you have to during all days of the RockFels Festival. However, you are  not to be forced to buy the flat rate.


Charges for the use of sanitary facilities :


WC & Shower flat rate:  11.00 €  (flat rate for showers & toilets for every Festival day)


Individual fees shower and lavatory:


flushed toilet                                1.00 €


washing facility                           1.00 €


shower in the sanitary camp:    3.00 €


toilet in the concert area:         free of charge


mobile toilet:                               free of charge